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Joint Cardiology Office

Joint Medical Office in Cardiology Dr. Manfried Schwick, MD, Dr. Yvonne Deutschmannek-Gofron, MD, is located in Düsseldorf and is a complex cardiology office.

About 8 years the Office proposes patients a wide range of services in diagnostics and treatment. The purpose of the Office is to maintain heart in good health by means of goal-directed disease prevention. The Office is focused on the following diagnostic techniques and methods of treatment that are performed by means of the most up-to-date medical equipment:

Services of the Office:

Principle directions of treatment:
  • ECG: resting ECG, 24-hours ECG, EST.
  • 24-hours recording of indications of arterial pressure according to Riva-Rocci.
  • Check of lungs functioning and entrance diagnostics of sleep apnea.
  • CARDIAC ultrasound and ultrasound investigation of vessels.
  • Stress-echocardiography.
  • Cardiostimulator: programming and system control, implantation is carried out in clinic.
  • Cardiac catheter: cooperation with clinic.
  • MRT-examination of heart.
  • X-ray examinations.
  • Laboratory diagnostics.
General spectrum of services of the Office:
  • Entrance diagnostics of newly found out of vascular heart diseases.
  • Control diagnostics in case of long-lasting aspects of diseases, for example: Deep-rooted heart problems; Cardiac failure; Acquired heart valvular disease and congenital heart disease; Heart rhythm disorder; Condition after heart valve replacement; Condition after surgery in bypass valve performance; Condition after stent implantation; Condition after cardiostimulator implantation.
  • Health monitoring and preclinical researches.
  • Sports examination.
  • Treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Dr. Yvonne Deutschmanek-Gofron, MD.
  • Cardiology.
  • Düsseldorf.