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​Private Practice for Coloproctology Prof. Dr. Peter Prohm MD

Private coloproctology practice of Prof. Dr. Peter Prohmis situated in Wuppertal. The private practice have been specializing in bowels and rectum treatment. The private practice of Prof. Dr. Peter Prohm provide full range of diagnosis, therapy and surgery services based on the most up to date medical knowledge.

Practice's services - key focus areas:
  • Advanced examinations in the course of diagnosis of incontinence and the voiding function disorders.
  • Single needle electromyography.
  • Anorectal manometry.
  • Pudendal nerve conduction velocity.
  • Rectal and anal ultrasound.
  • Defecography (at the partner radiologist).
  • Middle intestine transit time.
General practice's services:
  • Rectoscopy.
  • Proctoscopy.
  • Obliteration of hemorrhoids (sclerotization).
  • Rubber band (Barron) ligature.
  • Colonoscopy (polypectomy, if required).
  • Manometry.
  • Electromyography.
  • Professor Dr. Peter Prohm, PhD.
  • Coloproctology.
  • Wuppertal.