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Joachim Bergerhausen, MD


Duisburg Clinic, Duisburg

Dr. Joachim Bergerhausen, MD is a medical doctor in the field of therapy (specialty: rheumatology), physiotherapy, and osteology (DVO), having long-term experience in these fields.

Since 2009 Hans Joachim Bergerhausen has been working as a Chief of Rheumatology Department in Clinic of Rheumatology at the City Clinic in Duisburg city. Heretofore he worked as a Principal Chief in the Rheumatologic Center in Herne city of Ruhr Area.

The principle direction of the practice:
  • Rheumatology.
  • Rheumatology.
  • Rheumatology.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Osteology (DVO).
  • Duisburg Clinic, Duisburg.