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Kliniken Essen-Mitte

Essen-Mitte Clinic (Kliniken Essen-Mitte) in Essen have 11 inpatient units at 696 hospital beds, daily service 48 outpatients and specialize in oncology, palliative medicine, naturopathy and psychiatry. Particular attention is paid to the diagnosis and treatment of tumor diseases and the close cooperation of all departments for this purpose. Center for Therapeutic Oncology with the Department of Hematology and Palliative Medicine annually serves about three million fixed and 11 thousand. Outpatients and is one of the leading cancer centers in Germany, certified by the European Society of Oncology (ESMO).

The range of therapeutic services of the clinic includes inpatient and outpatient diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors and lymphomas in adults and children. Specialization is the treatment of tumors of the gastrointestinal tract, lung, head and neck, and gynecological (breast and other cancers.), Urologic tumors and sarcoma.

Many years of experience in the therapeutic treatment of tumors and continuous cooperation with the German doctors colleagues from other countries is the basis of high competence center employees.

Through the center of participation in national and international research offers an innovative therapeutic treatments in the field of therapy. The weekly meeting of physicians and close cooperation of all the EAC offices provide all cancer patients timely appointment of optimal treatment and first aid for complications of any degree.

Individual approach to the patient is the main part of the work of 22 health workers (eight of whom are oncologists / hematologists), doctors in palliative care, nurses and social workers. Department of Palliative Medicine, and working closely with naturopathic clinic provides comprehensive services not only patients, but also patients' families.
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