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The cost of treatment in Germany

Calculation of Treatment Cost.

Treatment cost is one of the key factors when making a "yes" or "no" decision on take treatments in Germany. An exact calculation of cost can be made only after the initial examination of patient and can be changed because of the peculiarities of each specific case.

Furthermore, the exact calculation depends on the "coefficient" as provided for in the legislation of Germany that can change a price according to the complexity of a specific medical intervention or a status of attending physician. Qualified calculation of provisional estimate requires deep knowledge and long-term experience in the area of medical services calculation.

Employees of coordination center of GHCA are quite competent and experienced that minimizing the uncertainty regarding the final cost of treatment.

Estimated Center Association.

If patient made a decision to consult one of the medical doctors of the GHCA, or to apply to one of our clinics, then after conclusion of agreement, or at the latest, prior to initiation of treatment, a patient should make an advance payment to the operating account of the GHCA on the basis of estimated cost of treatment.

With the agreement of a patient these funds can be used not only for the payment of the current treatment in clinic, but also for covering extra expenses, for example, payment of invoices from drug-stores, laboratories, institutes of radiology etc. This allows patients to reduce significantly a number of financial transactions that in many cases are connected with substantial costs (customs dues in case of wire transfers).

After the end of treatment or examination the coordination center carries out final re-calculation taking into account the advance payment made and based on the actual cost of the treatment given and services rendered.

Moreover, all unused funds will be returned to patient, or patient has to recompense expenses not covered by the advance payment.